Freevan Adventures

The dream and the journey of two entrepreneurs searching for people with desire to create and dream.

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The journey

One idea, one dream, one van, the road, a lot of surf, good vibes and one purpose: enjoy the experience.

sello FreeVan

Connect people, find new ideas and new ways to create synergies between start-ups around the world , knowing that everybody is unique but they have a desire, a passion and the spirit of creating something new no matter where you were born. Join the van and start to create...

This is the main aim of the freevan Adventures, we are unique, we have ideas but we all need to be united as a worldwide team of connected entrepreneurs and the van is the meeting point.

Join us

If you have a project, a dream or an idea that you want to share with us, we would wait for you in the freevan. What are you waiting for?

Show us your city and your idea

Tell us who you are and where you live and send us a presentation or a video of your ideas answering these three questions: What...Why...How.

The freevan would go to your city to visit you and we would help you to develop your project and your dream.

How we can help...?

The Freevan platform would help you to promote your project worldwide and it would provide you the resources and contacts to make your dream fly.

Hope, the road, an steering wheel, a map and a bunch of ideas

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Who we are...

foto Inés

Inés Paz


foto Ramón

Ramón Aser

Direction / Camera

foto Ricardo

Ricardo García


foto Dani

Daniel Suárez

the driver

foto Aitor

Aitor Fernández

the driver

foto Donia

Donia Hamzaoui


Contact us

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